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Strike System Mod Request

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Terris Wed Jan 02, 2013 10:03 pm

Strike System Mod Request

Hi there,

I normally don't post anything unless I need something or I need help but I was wondering if someone could make up a Mod for a Strike System like the old SMS had. I have really liked that feature and I've used it since I started Commanding 4 years ago.

I've tried to keep track else where since switching to Nova but its hard, specially when you split the responsibility with your Command Staff while the CO is away on LOA.

what I'd like to see in the mod is:

1. a place where strikes can be issued and a detail of the strike
2. Have it to where specific powers can issue strikes (Ex. Webmaster, Admin, Basic Admin)
3. a place to display the strike in the Player records (Don't want it public like on SMS, just on the Record)
4. Be able to set how many strikes a CO issues (Ex. If a CO uses a 3 strike policy they can set it to that number, etc.)
5. Color coded as well.

I will give credit to anyone who makes this Mod and give you a link to the site as well.

Thank you.

If you need me to explain more just let me know. I have this post fixed so that if anyone responds it'll let me know.

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