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Sim Stats Expansion

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Williams Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:59 pm

Sim Stats Expansion

Here's something that I thought would be a good thing to have on a site, if someone who understands how to best make use of Nova's architecture better than I could have a stab at it. Presently, the 'Stats' page only shows the stats for the current and the past month for posting figures. However, there are more stats which could be included either on the same page, or on a similar page (for example splitting the stats pages in the same way as different manifests are split).

Essentially, the kind of things that this additional stats section would have should be overall stats; Sim start date, Total posts/Total logs, Total crew (separated into current and past), etc. Generally, whilst not a major thing for anyone, I reckon it'd be a nice little thing for COs to be able to show off.
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