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Facebook Login/Logout

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kingemissary Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:35 pm

Facebook Login/Logout

In this day and age, people need a combination of a username, password or something to log into something. I'm sure we're on so many forums, sims, yahoo groups, MMORPGs, browser game and most of them are heading in the direction of a facebook login addon so users don't have to remember yet again, another username and password.

So can one of these login buttons be created.

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AgentPhoenix Fri Jan 06, 2012 5:55 pm

Re: Facebook Login/Logout

This is well beyond the scope of a MOD. What you're talking about is a fundamental change to system authentication. Below are a list of issues/pitfalls that would need to be addressed with something like this.

  • Users still need to go through the normal registration process because Nova needs the information that's provided.
  • Added complexity of having multiple authentication methods since not everyone has Facebook.
  • Potentially a management nightmare since I believe Facebook looks at the specific website, so every sim would have to be registered with Facebook. (Not positive about this, but a quick look through their developer docs makes me think that may be the case.)
On top of that, I just feel like there are much better things to spend time and energy building instead of this. I'll examine it a little further for Nova 3, but honestly I wouldn't hold your breath for this kind of thing.
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mooeypoo Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:39 pm

Re: Facebook Login/Logout

The way facebook looks at authentication is by creating an "app" on Facebook with the name of the sim. It's free and not that horiffic to make, but you will need to create separate apps per sim.

I was also interested in something similar, though not quite facebook -- I wanted to see if we can try for an OpenID login. I think there are actually "addons" for that, and it *might* be possible to work with them, but David's point about it being beyond the scope of a mod is well noted. Also, I too don't think it's worth the time for a login.

Instead, I'd like to take a look at something like "share" in facebook/social media, which does a similar effect only without the whole hassle (that is unnecessary in this case in my opinion) of a full blown login through facebook.

As a side note, what I thought of doing for my own sim is to use something like Disqus ( for the comment replacement. That will not solve the general login, but in my case, I wanted to try and allow general readers (even if they're not sim participants) to comment. It could be a solution for your case too.

It's easily embeddable, no messing with code really just with the views.
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