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[Personnel Page] Blank Space and Sub-Nav

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Stormwolfe Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:19 pm

[Personnel Page] Blank Space and Sub-Nav

[UPDATE] It appears I got everything fixed.

Hello All,

I have installed Emily's Manifest Picture and Card mod which, by the way, I love!

However, I have two issues with my, admittedly amateur created skin, I have a large blank space beneath the manifest list/links and my sub-nav overflows its left border (screen shot and link to page included).


1. Can I get help/advice/village idiot instructions on how to fix the sub-nav display issue?
2. Can I get help/advice/village idiot instructions on how to add text to the large blank space - or - eradicate it entirely?

- OR - (would love this)

Can someone recommend a skin (dark please or that I can mod the colors on) that is more compatible with the mod? I prefer a full width skin because I dislike the bio page display with narrow skins. I have experimented with several skins at the new Anodyne Xtras and so far, no luck. I'm pretty good at minor skin modding (fonts, colors, images), but haven't yet taught myself the complex things like adjusting layout.

Screenshot: Image

Mod Used:

Current theme/skin modded from Pulsar.

PS: This is an RPG created from numerous genres so would love a unique look for it.

Thanks Lots for any help whatsoever.

Warmest Regards,

~ Stormwolfe
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Emily Sun Aug 09, 2015 6:48 pm

Re: [Personnel Page] Blank Space and Sub-Nav

My bad! In the mod, I had it configured to be without the sub nav. Open up the personnel_index.php file and go into the <style> tag. Find .content {width:90%;} and delete it. I'll fix it on the xtras page now. :)

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Stormwolfe Thu Aug 13, 2015 8:59 am

Re: [Personnel Page] Blank Space and Sub-Nav

You're a gem!

I know we talked about this in email and IM, but wanted to thank you again. Old site with the mod looks awesome and the new site is getting there!
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