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Menu Placement

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cmdrlanc Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:45 am

Menu Placement

Hi gang!

Long time, no post.

I have a question for all the skinners out there.

Why does just about every skin have the menus on the right?

Is this a rational decision or more of a everyone is doing it kind of thing?

I know it's not rocket science to move them, and I don't mind too terribly doing it, but it just is time consuming and I don't know the rational behind the trend.

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AgentPhoenix Thu Apr 30, 2015 9:44 am

Re: Menu Placement

My guess is you see that because that's how Pulsar and Titan do it today and that's where people start most of their skins from.

For a little history... Pulsar was a conscious decision to put the menu on the right. At the time, I wasn't seeing a lot of sites with menus on the right, so I thought it would be a neat change to give that a try (and the SMS menu was on the left, so it was a nice change for the system as a whole). Titan's menu being on the right was a complete accident though haha.
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Williams Sat May 09, 2015 10:09 am

Re: Menu Placement

Yeah, the starting point for skinners is probably going to be the biggest factor - unless the skinner particularly wants the menu to be on the left for stylistic reasons, they're probably not going to swap it over. I know a couple of my skins have the menus somewhere else - my LCARs skin has it on the left, and my Dark Frontier skin actually has the main section menus along the top, and the wiki and admin menus on the left (to allow space for the character avatar element of that skin). There is I think one or two more skins that I still need to get around to uploading that have the menus on the left too.

Looking through Anodyne Xtras, it looks like the only Anodyne-made base skin that has left-side menus is Sunny, so unless the skinner used that as a base, the menu is probably going to be on the right.
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