Skin Request: Stargate

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Jovi Thu Aug 01, 2013 9:30 pm

Skin Request: Stargate

I'm working on putting together a new Stargate RPG and was hoping that someone might be willing to piece together (or simply modify any existing skin) for me. I would normally do this myself but my schedule for the next month simply does not afford me the time to play with Photoshop as much of my gaming time is limited through tablet access at work with the rare moments at home before bed.

I just wish for something generic, as I'm focusing on Atlantis (with some SG1), and the sim would be based in the Pegasus Galaxy (post EATG). Maybe with the Pegasus Stargate or Atlantis gateroom, or whatever the creator is willing to offer.

I am more than willing to clarify any questions if someone's muse volunteers. Simply email me at (it goes to my phone for relatively quick replies).

Thanks! *crosses fingers and hopes*
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