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Nova includes a new and robust way of skinning the entire system without ever touching the core of the application. If you have questions about how to build a theme for Nova, how to modify a theme or you just want to show off your work, this is the place to do it!

AgentPhoenix Mon Nov 10, 2008 8:30 am

Forum Rules

Just a few ground rules for these boards.

First, keep it respectful and show a little patience. The folks at Anodyne do this in our free time and don't get paid for it. As such, it make take a couple of days for people to get back to your question. We do our best to address issues as immediately as possible, but just be respectful and patience. None of us take kindly to nasty emails and showing a little respect goes a long way.

Second, no recruiting of any kind on the boards. This isn't a place to find crew for your sim, this is a place to chat with other people with similar interests and get help with Anodyne products. Excessive attempts at recruiting will result in a ban.

Third, no crude or vulgar language or conversations. Pretty straightforward here folks.
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