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Ordered lists, comment tags, and Nova 2.6.1

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Penta Sat Aug 15, 2020 10:06 am

Ordered lists, comment tags, and Nova 2.6.1

OK, so. In a sort of "monthly game summary post" me and my co-GM are putting together for WAR, I'm trying to use ordered lists for one section, and comment tags (to distribute drafting responsibilities) in another section. I'm using normal HTML tags, OL and normal comment tags as seen in standard HTML.

The comment tags show up in the email (odd if it's proper HTML), but not in what you get when you look at the post-in-progress on the website. That's odd; not a problem as I'll be taking out the comment tags before we finally post, but worth mentioning.

The ordered list and its items (denoted with li tags) show up not as a list (ordered or unordered) on the website, an ordered list in the email.

If it matters, we're using a version of the Continuum skin, in mobile light and mobile dark versions.

What am I doing wrong?

Edit: Er, never mind, just found the Markdown reference. Durr, leaving this up for anyone else with same issues.

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