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Rank Changing Error

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Blackbriar Fri Mar 15, 2019 5:56 pm

Rank Changing Error

Howdy. I recently installed Nova 2.5.1 on my website. When I go to change a character's rank I wind up getting a database error. I didn't know if you folks might know an easy fix before I have to get HostGator involved. Specifically, I was trying to change Army SSGT Nicolaides to Marine 1LT rank. When I did, it gave me this error.

I tried it again with the standard skin, then tried it in Microsoft Edge. Same error.

Edit/Update: I did talk to HostGator tech support. Their final response was this:

I have tested the database functionality, reviewed the server logs and could not find any issues from server end which is causing the database error.

I do sincerely apologize, however, this issue falls outside of what HostGator live support is able to troubleshoot and resolve. I recommend contacting a professional web developer or a development support forum for your software for further investigation and fix.

Just to clarify the error, I have no problems assigning an initial rank to a new character. The problem only occurs when I attempt to change the rank of a character that has already been created.
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AgentPhoenix Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:34 pm

Re: Rank Changing Error

If you search, this error has popped up before. It's just a matter of updating the database to allow that field to be nullable.
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