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Stats tab join date on user bio page pulling wrong DB entry

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jasoncollege24 Wed Sep 19, 2018 2:23 pm

Stats tab join date on user bio page pulling wrong DB entry

Tried default skin? Yes. pulls from the same place.
Tried other browsers? I use Chrome by default. Does the same on firefox.
Search the forum? Yeah I found a post that says it's supposed to be pulled from the user's join date on the user bio. Guess I found a bug.

Nova Version: 2.5.1
Steps to reproduce:
Join a Nova site
use character for a while (At least 2-3 days)
create new NPC, and link them to your user account (logout, and back in)
Modify linked characters to swap the current active character with the newly linked NPC (NPC is now active character)
Logout and back in
On control panel, click "All users" then click the mag on your user
Click the "Stats" tab, look at "Joined" date
Click the "Character Info" tab, look at "Active for" date, and compare to joined date. (They should erroneously match)

In this situation, the joined date is erroneously matching the "Active for" date of the newly created character. On closer inspection, I opened the database, and used a conversion tool to get the timestamps for character activation, and my user's join dates. Converted join date is correct, while activation date of the newest character is the one displayed on the user bio's stats tab.

This is confusing users on multiple hosted sims, including myself.
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AgentPhoenix Thu Sep 20, 2018 9:51 am

Re: Stats tab join date on user bio page pulling wrong DB en

I'll take a look at this. Thanks for the report!
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