Database Error, Unable to Connect?

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Williams Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:01 am

Re: Database Error, Unable to Connect?

Does your DB password have a ' in it at all by any chance? I had a recent situation where I was installing a Nova install, put in the details and the installer was able to connect to the DB and write the config file, but after that would just show blank pages. Turns out that the ' in the password was messing up the config file - putting a backslash (\) before the ' in the password sorted it (it won't change the actual password, but just tells PHP not to treat that ' as it would treat all other 's, meaning the password will now work). After that, the site was able to work as normal.

It might also be worth looking at any other special characters in the password - for example if the last character is a backslash, then that will cancel out the final ' in the config file, and it will treat the next line as part of the password too.
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