[Help Maybe] Tracking Down Slow Email Issue

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Stormwolfe Sat Nov 12, 2016 1:36 pm

[Help Maybe] Tracking Down Slow Email Issue

Hey Y'all,

This question may be way too vague to be answerable so my apologies ahead of time.

Both of my sites are now sending email really really slow (or I'm receiving them really really slow). The issue is happening with me and the only other currently active player at our new site and for me at our semi-mothballed site. I used it to compare to the new site.

I know that email issues are usually on the host side but I also have not used my Nova sites much at all since Nova changed email handling. I am on the latest release on the new site but have yet to upgrade the test site.

I have not configured the email.php.

I do have the email I created at my host set up as the default email for both sites. It forwards to my regular gmail address.

Could some of the issue be that I have not configured the email.php?

If so, do I find my SMTP settings somewhere on my host's site? Any clue here will help. I have totally never touched my email and was one of the few that never had any issues.

My site is a paid site at Utopia-Host.com so if anyone is aware of issues, give me a shout?

Thanks for any and all help.
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AgentPhoenix Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:18 pm

Re: [Help Maybe] Tracking Down Slow Email Issue

How long does it take? Do all of the emails come through?
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Stormwolfe Sun Nov 13, 2016 2:54 pm

Re: [Help Maybe] Tracking Down Slow Email Issue

Thank you for getting back to me on a weeked!

Yes. All emails do eventually come through. I set up a non-gmail account (used an Apple iCloud alias I had) to see if it might be gmail, but had the same result. I also tested News Items and Posting vs. Saving. Same result.

The fastest I have received any of the emails has been five minutes. In the past, I was receiving the Nova emails almost the very second I hit Save or Post. Now, I want to say that in the first update after Nova changed how it handled email, I did not see this problem, but I could be wrong because we had started using GDocs alot because one of our members could not get to the Nova site during the hours she had for posting.

I also removed the site's default email address that I set up via my host. Same result.

I also thought that maybe it was the fact that I am using a .site domain for the new Nova installation, but the old site is a .com site and I am getting the same results.

That's everything I could think of to do and wanted to exhaust all that before tackling the host. That way, I could honestly tell them that it is not on the application's end. I also hoped maybe I could get some direction in telling them what to look for.

Thanks again!
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