Need some help

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ClarkTorry Mon May 27, 2019 4:51 am

Need some help

Hi guys

I've got a tricky situation. My sim (well, not my sim, but the sim I'm on) moved to Nova after Christmas, leaving the old SMS site behind with no thought to the old site, which goes back 7 years.

Trouble is, theres a lot of posts and data like awards given on the old site. I'd like to have all that imformation on the new site, rather than have the players with excess time on their hands import their old posts by hand and then screwing up the post counts for months as it comes over in drips and drops

the question I have is can it be done? Having searched the forums i'm not sure, so I'm asking here. Can I get old SMS data into the new site? If it can, I would need to tell the owner of the old site exactly what I need from him, and the owner of the new site exactly what he needs to do, and not being technical, I need an explanation in small words.

My priority is old posts, but if there is a way to get the award data as well, that would be extra cool, as the old sim goes back seven plus years, and we have players from then with awards out the wazoo who deserve to get them back.

Many many thanks for any and all help you can give

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AgentPhoenix Fri Jun 07, 2019 9:06 am

Re: Need some help

Nova 2 actually has the ability to do an upgrade directly from SMS. Instead of doing a fresh install, you'd need to do the upgrade option. It might be easier to talk you through all of this on our Discord server though, so if you want to jump in there, we can definitely give you a hand.
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