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Reading View for Mozilla Firefox

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Williams Sat Jun 13, 2015 6:50 am

Reading View for Mozilla Firefox

So, I recently had to try and read a hell of a lot of posts on a sim I'm on in order to try and catch up with the story from where I'd last been able to keep up. The skin of the sim - while looking very pretty - didn't have a solid background behind the text, making it hard to concentrate to read a lot on it - so I used Firefox's fairly new reader view to strip away all of the formatting and make it more like reading an ebook.

This worked great, but one thing I noticed was that it didn't seem to apply its rules to the posts with total consistency. For one, it seemed to keep changing its mind whether or not to include the forward and backward linked arrows for the next and previous posts, and sometimes it didn't show the author list for the post. It also pretty consistently stopped showing the title of the post - both on the reader view itself, but also on the Firefox tab at the top. One one particular post it didn't even give me the option of reader view. No idea why - there weren't even any unclosed HTML tags in the post or anything. Seemed pretty random.

It's only a minor thing, but I was wondering if anyone knew more about how the reader view decided what to show and what to drop, so we could try and make it behave more consistently with Nova? It seems to perform quite well in reading view for safari mobile on ios - that picks up the title for the post every time as well.
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