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Single Sign On

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DeathKitten Sat Jun 03, 2017 10:05 am

Single Sign On

So, I have a MediaWiki for my sim because I like it better than the built in wiki in Nova, and in an effort to prevent spam bots, I have it locked down so that the command team needs to make accounts for any players who want one. I think this provides a little bit of resistance to players jumping in and getting involved in adding to the wiki, because they have to wait for me to have the chance to create them an account. I want my players to have access when they get the inspiration to write things for the wiki, because I've found that most of the time when someone has to wait on the account they end up losing motivation and never going back.

The ideal solution? Single Sign On. Use the Nova's accounts to validate and log people into the wiki. However, I've never done such a thing before and wouldn't know where to start. A quick duckduckgo search showed me all sorts of extensions for mediawiki to make it work with other systems such as WordPress... but I'm not sure where to start for doing it with Nova.

Anyone try to set this up? I'm looking for advice or finished mods, so I can figure out if this is even viable.
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