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Nova 2.5 Features - General Questions

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Stormwolfe Thu Feb 16, 2017 9:52 am

Nova 2.5 Features - General Questions

AgentPhoenix wrote:Here's the general idea of what will be included in 2.5 (subject to change)...

Hi There,

I happened to revisit THIS TOPIC in the Help/How Do I section because the viewing of saved posts has come up at our sites again.

We have a workaround. All posts are sent to a Google Group and mailed out to users in a once per day digest. The downside is that for it to work, the user has to remember to add the archive as an author to their post and remove it when they publish the post. This lets Users see all posts that in progress without having editing access to all posts everywhere. It's a great temporary measure. I've also added the site as a member of the group, so it also serves as an automated archive of the site's posts. Makes it easy to restore a post if something happens to the database.

But I digress!

First, thank you, David! It is awesome how you listen to us and add features and make changes when its both possible and feasible to do so.

I went out and read the list of potential changes planned for 2.5 and they are awesome! Can't wait - yes, I know some might change or might not make it into 2.5 - still excited.

I have a couple of curiosity questions...and I know you might not be far enough along to answer them or even know if the feature will be included.

Does this allow and email out details of the Mention? For example, we date our tags so players know when they are due. Would Mentions include this information?

Would we place the Mention within the post where we want the tag answered? For example, Micky Mouse was tagged three paragraphs ago while Minnie Mouse is tagged for a response at the end of the post.

Post OOC Notes
Is this a separate field and will it email when posts are saved/updated with new tags?

I am really excited about these features - and all the other ones mentioned as well especially the viewing of non-active posts.
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