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Friedebarth Fri Oct 14, 2011 1:50 pm


Hey all,

I'm currently in the process of learning PHP for the Computing course I'll likely be taking next year, and just generally because it's fun and useful. Seeing how I love Nova, but I have a few ideas for additions or tweaks every now and then, I thought I would make a sub-version with several modifications, including an added theme and more base content, though I will only be extending said base content for the DS9 set as I don't play any other genres and am not really interested or educated in any of them, either. Seeing as how it is based mainly on the hard work of the Anodyne Team I'm going to leave it up to AgentPhoenix and his crew as to whether he wants to put it up for download on the Anodyne Productions site if it ends up being good enough - and actually worth the separate download. All I'm going to do is innocuously add my name and contact (for issues/support that have nothing to do with basic Nova) to the Credits page.

The name, by the way, is akin to Nova: Latin "nova" - new, Latin "novissimus" - newest.

So here's a summary of what I'm looking to do with this:

  1. More base content - I have a "better too much than to little" attitude to content, so I am going to add a few additional departments, positions and rank sets, as well as a bunch of other stuff. If you don't need 'em, delete 'em. Less effort than having to create them if you do want them ;)
  2. Pre-made custom pages - for you to edit to your heart's content, or leave as is, though a lot of them will be site messages based (such as the planned Rules page etc)
  3. More skins - Some colour and layout variations of Titan, and perhaps at some point a few others, too. Feel free to make submissions if you've got any you'd like to share! (-> One of the goals for the Titan variation is also jQuery dropdown menus in the primary links)
  4. Retro-ified Thresher - There's some things I (and many others) prefer about Thresher, and some things the SMS-style database did better. I'm scoring for a healthy medium between the two.
  5. Peeve tweaks - A lot of minor things which annoy me and few others, such as the post button being the first one rather than the save button, will be altered. When at some point in the distant future a more or less final version, with documentation, is out, I'll list all altered files and what they do in the documentation so you can go in and get the Nova standard back if you don't like some of these. Also, I'm (obviously) going to comment the code, so there should be no difficulties in getting Nova standards back if you wish to do so.

I'm not anywhere near as experienced as the Anodyne crew, so this is going to linger in the beta for quite some time. I won't release anything that screwed anything up on my end, but I can't vouch that it will run flawlessly and have no problems.

The idea, by the way, I must credit to the guys at Theta Fleet, who inadvertently gave me the inspiration to do this (I noticed pretty much every site was pretty heavily modded and tweaked, and yet none of these mods or tweaks are available for download in any form here).

By the way, I have no way to test the mail functions since I am testing it on my local machine and don't exactly want to open up dozens of security holes, but I don't imagine I would be doing anything that impacts the email system/process anyhow.
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