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Noob just simply can't describe me...

Sometimes you need a place to chat about stuff, and that's okay, because we're a community. This board is meant just for that, to talk about everything and even your kitchen sink (if you feel so inclined).

Lizzy Sat Sep 24, 2011 7:56 pm

Noob just simply can't describe me...

Hi! I'm Lizzy!

I've had my own fleet for a few months now. And after Starfleet UK decided to shut down their free hosting service, I have come to realize that I should probably have been hosting SMS and NOVA from the begining. My big problem is that I can't specivically afford a good website atm.

And my even bigger problem is, I know SQUAT about either program. I've always been a forum gal, holding my hands up in criss cross pattern to SMS & NOVA simply because I can't understand how they work. But recently started using NOVA (I inherited a NOVA ran simm shortly after joining and figured out a few tidbits but still know next to nothing).

Getting back to the main point of my topic... I am hoping to dig around and find some good stuff that will help me get started on incorporating NOVA and SMS into my website. First by figuring out who (besides Host Gator) can handle both programs at a cheap to nothing price. Tripod obviously won't work. Least the free version doesn't... Then, I need to figure out how to install SMS & NOVA on said host.

So yeah. Once I get going, I'll probably need tons of help from you experienced folk out there.

See you around!


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Williams Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:27 am

Re: Noob just simply can't describe me...


Nova, not NOVA :P

But yeah, welcome to the Anodyne boards! There's a topic around here somewhere that people used to post what hosting providers that they use to host their sims - I'll try and find that for you. I personally use JustHost, because it's quite affordable for me, and its unlimited subdomains/databases/server space/emails etc make it perfect for hosting my own fleet.

hmm, found the thread in the SMS forums, but most of its posts are still fairly old. You'll have to see if any of them are still providing and offering the same deal as the users have posted there.

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cmdrlanc Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:55 am

Re: Noob just simply can't describe me...

Welcome to Anodyne Forums. We don't bite (often) and Nova is a great system.

As for SFUK shutting down it's free hosting, I am taking on a big chunk of their sites.

My hosting is free (Donations gladly accepted), based on Hostgator (tested for most of SMS versions and all Nova versions so far) and Ad free.

I just upgraded to a reseller account so each sim will be capable of having their own control panel like SFUK offered (different software, but same idea).

Drop me an email or a PM and I'll see if I can help you.

I also have run Nova for quite a while now and can help you with that too.
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Lizzy Mon Oct 24, 2011 6:33 pm

Re: Noob just simply can't describe me...


I FINALLY signed up for a new host today. Went with hostgator. I'm trying to figure out how to figure out all the transferring and what not first. But I am going to try tinkering with SMS and Nova (thanks for the correction) and see if I can get it onto the site.

I think I'll hit you up on your offer, cmdrlanc, if it is still good ^_^

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