Integrating Multiple Novas

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Stormwolfe Mon Jun 27, 2011 2:12 pm

Integrating Multiple Novas

Good Day All,

Here's my situation -

Currently, I have four different games (all Nova), somewhat integrated by my forums (i.e. we currently do all discussions and game planning at the forums.).

The Issues

- Few if any of the members visit the forums on anything remotely resembling a regular basis.

- For those playing at more than one game, they have to have sign ons to each game + an account at the forums.

Help Needed

Does anyone have a multi-game site with players that cross over from one game to another? If so, how do you have it set up for ease of access? Does anyone have a completely integrated site similar to what I'm describing and if they do, could I just look at it to get a few ideas.


Only one, simplify the gaming life for my members and site management for myself. The hitch, all four games are completely different genres so need their independent sites.

Being Considered

Wordpress or a simple website splash page that would provide updates and access to the four games with maybe a chat area (unknown right now).

Recommendations, Suggestions, Ideas, Hate Mail - all are welcome.


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