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AgentPhoenix Wed Dec 26, 2007 2:16 pm

Google Analytics

I've been tracking some stuff for my own SMS site as well as the Anodyne site and there are some really nice trends I've been seeing so far that I thought I'd share. If anyone's interested in tracking their site, definitely check out Google Analytics. If you have Analytics running on your site now and you notice interesting trends, feel free to share!
Almost three-quarters of people coming to are using Firefox (yay!) and of those coming to the site using IE7, over 70% are using version 7 (also another yay). No surprise, but Windows comprises 90% of the visitors. 32-bit color with 90% of visitors. Interestingly enough, there's almost an even split between 1024x768 and 1280x1024, each with about 25% and only a tiny percentage using less than 1024. Finally, 100% of people have Javascript turned on, so that's a major plus given some of the stuff we're doing in 2.6.
Firefox doesn't have such a commanding lead for my sim site (only 57%), but the IE7 stuff is about the same, about 70%. 1024 holds a bigger margin on this site, but again, 800x600 is only like 3 people. Same thing with Javascript turned on (100%).
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AgentPhoenix Mon Feb 25, 2008 10:58 am

Re: Google Analytics

I just checked my Google Analytics stats for Anodyne and the Nimitz and have seen some pretty interesting shifts.

At the end of December, saw about 75% of users with Firefox. Today, that number has decreased a little actually. 36% are using IE instead of 26 or so last time. Of course, I'm okay with that given that a few months ago, about 30% of the IE visitors were using version 6 but today, a mere 7% are using version 6. Great gains for IE7, especially with the news of the upcoming IE8 beta. Not much has changed with screen resolution. I don't even see 800x600 on the list, so that's good news for designers.

For the Nimitz site, Firefox has actually lost quite a bit of ground lately. On the Nimitz site, it's down to 34%. IE7 still has the lead, but it's only at 63% instead of 70 like it was at the end of December. Some interesting trends to say the least.
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AgentPhoenix Thu Jul 17, 2008 12:44 pm

Re: Google Analytics

Another round of analytics for over the last 30 days for anyone interested. All of these are out of 839 visitors.

Nice trend here where Firefox is simply dominating. On top of that, IE6 share (for our site) is way way down which probably has a lot to do with the fact that SMS 2 now requires the use of IE7 and higher.
  • Firefox - 67%
    • 3.0.x - 32%
    • 2.0.x - 66%
    • 1.5.x - 2%
  • Internet Explorer - 30%
    • 7.0 - 85%
    • 6.0 - 14%
    • 8.0 - 1%
  • Mozilla - 2%
  • Safari - < 1%
  • Opera - < 1%

Screen Resolution
  • 1280x1024 - 29%
  • 1024x768 - 25%

One final note ... less than 4% of visitors had Javascript turned off. Enjoy!
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AgentPhoenix Tue Dec 15, 2009 9:45 am

Re: Google Analytics

It's been a while, but I thought I'd share some of the data for the last 30 days. :)

  • Firefox - 60%
    • 3.5.5 - 78%
    • 3.0.15 - 16%
    • - < 1%
  • Internet Explorer - 23%
    • IE 8 - 50%
    • IE 7 - 44%
    • IE 6 - 6%
  • Safari - 7%
  • Google Chrome - 7%
  • Opera - 2%

The good? IE 8 has the slight edge over version 7, which is great news since we want to move to dropping IE7 support in time for Nova 1.5 (a ways off, but it's on our radar). I'm a little surprised that IE6 is still holding on with 6%, but I guess it's hard to kill a varmin after all.

The bad? Firefox dipped since the last report. Not sure if that has to do with more people using IE8 now or what, but nice to see that the majority of Firefox users are using the latest version.

The ugly? Opera is still hanging on? Really?

A couple other stats of interesting: only 7% of users have no Java support and the small majority of users have 1280x800 resolution for their monitors.
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William Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:24 am

Re: Google Analytics

These are the stats for Phoenix Fleet

Firefox 57.00%
Internet Explorer 35.21%
3. Chrome 4.47%
4. Safari 1.56%
5. Opera 0.97%
6. Mozilla 0.78%

1280x1024 25.10%
1024x768 17.70%
1366x768 13.81%
1280x800 10.51%
1680x1050 10.12%
1920x1080 6.81%
1440x900 4.86%
1600x900 3.50%
1152x864 1.36%
1120x700 1.17%

Yes 473 92.02%
No 41 7.98%

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riday Wed Mar 06, 2019 3:10 am

Re: Google Analytics

I am beginner in this field so this information help me a lot.

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