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AgentPhoenix Wed Mar 02, 2016 7:38 am

Another Team Member

As time has gone on, the Anodyne community has, sadly, grown more and more disconnected. This is an issue that we want to fix. Our goal is to have a vibrant community that contributes in a meaningful way to other games as well as the future direction of Nova and other products. That effort takes time though and it's time that I haven't had lately.

Late last year, I engaged a member of the community to start reaching out to areas of the community in other fleets to get feedback about where Nova can improve. I've asked the question several times over the last few years here, but the responses have always been few and far between. Between work, personal life, and Anodyne work, my time has grown more and more limited in recent years. To help re-engage the community, I've decided to bring Wolfie on as our Community Engagement Specialist.

We're still figuring out what that role is, but in the short term, Wolfie will be on the forums talking with folks, helping people out, and coming up with new ways to get people engaged in the Anodyne community again. She brings a new perspective to the community as well as a history of support and progressive skin development. She's a great resource so I'd encourage people to get in touch with her!
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