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AgentPhoenix Sat May 02, 2015 6:07 pm

Anodyne Help Center

When we moved servers back in November, one of the things that didn't make the journey over was the AnodyneDocs site. Unfortunately, the way the site was setup would've forced a huge amount of work to get it working on the new server. Instead of doing that, I kept it off the new server and focused on building out the new knowledge base system for Anodyne: the Help Center.

The Help Center launched this evening, complete with over 100 articles covering Nova 1, Nova 2, Nova NextGen, AnodyneXtras, and a few other random articles. Here's an overview of the new Help Center:

Find What You're Looking For

The Help Center is what AnodyneDocs should've been from the start. Since every article in the Help Center is stored in a database, every piece of documentation is searchable by its title, summary, content, and even keywords. Like AnodyneXtras too, you can do advanced searches that target specific products or tags (or any combination of those).

Community Feedback

Every article has a button that will allow members of the community to provide feedback on articles if they think something is wrong, they find a typo, or just feel the article needs to be improved. It's quick and easy to submit feedback to us, so if you find something that you think could be improved, let us know. This will allow us to make sure the content available on the Help Center is as accurate as possible.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

In addition to offering feedback, the community can mark articles as being helpful (or not helpful). This allows other members of the community to see at a glance how many people find articles useful for the topic. There's also a report behind the scenes that helps us see what articles are being reported as not helpful so we can fix them and make sure the content available on the Help Center is as awesome as possible.


Like the Anodyne site or AnodyneXtras, the Help Center uses your AnodyneID so the same login is used across one more Anodyne site.

Check out the Help Center today and let us know what you think!
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