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Anodyne Productions Quarterly Report - Q2 2011

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AgentPhoenix Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:21 pm

Anodyne Productions Quarterly Report - Q2 2011

This document serves as an update to the work going on with Anodyne Productions over the second quarter of 2011 covering the period between 1 April and 30 June.


Nova 1.2

After spending a solid few weeks working on Nova 2, we refocused on Nova 1.2 to release a patch in June that fixed a few outstanding issues with the system. Because Nova 1.2 is the last release of Nova that will support PHP 4, our intention is to continue supporting it with bug fixes for the foreseeable future. There are no plans to add new features to Nova 1.2, but for those who don't have the option of moving to a PHP 5 environment, Nova 1.2 will not be ignored.

If you find issues in Nova (any version), there are a few ways to go about letting us know about the issue(s). The best place to report issues is on the Nova repository in Github. The issue tracker is a great way to work with us on getting issues fixed as the issue tracker allows comments and attaching bugs to code that's checked in to the repository. As always too, if you have issues, you can report them on the forums and we'll investigate them and work on a resolution.

Nova 2

When we originally laid out the Nova 2 plan at the beginning of 2011, it was decided it wouldn't be a huge feature release and there wouldn't be a lot of code changes. As time has gone on, those plans have changed. The biggest change to Nova 2 is that we're reorganized the file structure to make it easier to update the system. In addition to tons of changes to Thresher, we've also spent some time fixing a few nagging issues with Nova. As odd as it sounds to say, Nova 2 borrows from Nova 3 in a lot of ways. Some of the things we wanted to do in Nova 3 have been brought down to Nova 2 in a limited capacity. Nova is a constant learning process and it's fascinating to watch how things we do for Nova 3 come back to be useful in Nova 2.

There's no set date for Nova 2, but our goal is to release it during the third quarter, hopefully by the time the summer comes to a close. There's not much to do in the code (save for a lot of testing), but there's a lot to do with documentation and tutorials. Once that's all squared away, we'll be able to get everything out in to your hands.

Q3 2011

Historically, Q3 is always a big time of year for Anodyne. In 2006, we launched SMS 2 in Q3. In 2007, we launched SMS 2.5 in Q3. In 2008, we launched SMS 2.6 in Q3. 2010 was the exception to that rule, but we're back on that schedule with the release of Nova 2 during Q3 2011. As we get closer to a date, we'll let you know through Facebook, Twitter and the forums, so keep an eye on those for details as well as sneak peaks and things along the way.
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