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Keeping Tabs on Anodyne

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AgentPhoenix Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:56 am

Keeping Tabs on Anodyne

Keeping track of Anodyne out on the Internet is incredibly easy these days now that we have all kinds of accounts and various ways to be communicated. Below are all the ways that you can keep tabs of what we're doing and get in touch with us.

On the Web
Obviously one of the best ways to get information and contact us with our website, which you're all on. For those that need the extra help though, our virtual home can be found at In addition to our site, we have these forums as the best means of getting in touch with us and getting help with any of our products. Finally, for those who might not know, we have our own blog too where we talk about all things Anodyne. You can check out the blog at

All of our development is currently done through GitHub. This is a great way to store and maintain your code, so if you're considering doing any third party development, you'll want to get familiar with Git and maybe even create an account on GitHub. On GitHub, Anodyne is an organization that you can follow as well as see our repositories for Nova, AnodyneXtras, the User Guide and SMS. You can find us on GitHub at

Yep, we're on Twitter too. The Twitter feed is actually a great way to keep track of things like releases as we'll always announce new releases on Twitter as well as other fun things related to what we're doing. You can check us out on Twitter at
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AgentPhoenix Mon Nov 29, 2010 6:50 pm

Re: Keeping Tabs on Anodyne

Add Facebook to the list! If you're on Facebook and like SMS or Nova, throw us a "like." :wink:

You can find our page here.
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