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[Feature Request] Option to Disable Preformatting

DeathKitten Mon May 18, 2015 2:54 pm

[Feature Request] Option to Disable Preformatting

While I understand why the fields include automatic line breaks for the average user, it would be helpful for there to be an option to disable preformatting in the site message fields for us more advanced users. As I'm sure you are familiar with, line breaks can help keep code readable within more cluttered html such as ordered and unordered lists, as well as tables, both of which help display data such as rules, timelines, and the like.

If you do implement this suggestion, I would recommend it being on a message by message basis, instead of a global setting, as some messages are short and don't require html assistance for formatting, while others are naturally more likely to be in need of more complex formatting (rules and welcome messages come to mind).
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AgentPhoenix Mon May 18, 2015 4:43 pm

Re: [Feature Request] Option to Disable Preformatting

All that sort of thing in NextGen will be handled with Markdown, so you'll be able to have much more control over formatting without cluttering up the database with HTML markup. You'll be able to get your first look at that sort of thing with the Page and Content managers in the next preview release.
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