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[Feature Request] User Notes

Williams Mon Oct 07, 2013 9:52 am

[Feature Request] User Notes

OK, random idea that I had while doing some crew admin on one of my sims, but I figured that I may as well post it here to see what could come of it.

Would Nova 3 be able to include any sort of user notes function, with access restrictions? My thinking is from a purely sim admin point of view, in that you could add notes to be associated with a user account which could then only be seen by another individual with GM access rights. It could show up as a part of the user's profile as a new tab when you're logged in, or it could have its own section in the Admin CP, but it would make joint management of a member base (or management by a forgetful person) easier, because if you have a particular conversation/send off a particular message with/to someone (e.g. sending a PM to someone who hasn't logged in in some time) , you could make a note of it here.

Other GMs would then be able to see that note, and either carry it on from there if it is needed, or it could even stop them from doing the same thing and duplicating the effort and the messages back and forth, or you could leave yourself a note to follow up on the action after a certain time.

All things that could easily be done in other applications or even with a pen and paper, but I thought it would be a useful addition to the site to keep it all wrapped up together.
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AgentPhoenix Mon Oct 07, 2013 11:33 am

Re: [Feature Request] User Notes

User stuff is pretty much wrapped up at this point, so it won't be in 3.0, but I'll add a note to look at it for a future release.
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