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[Question / Departments, Positions, Ranks

Stormwolfe Sun Feb 19, 2017 1:55 pm

[Question / Departments, Positions, Ranks

Good Day,

I read the information on the changes to how Ranks work that's coming in NovaNextGen but I do need to reread it.

Will there / can there be an option to not use ranks? I know it was stated we'd be able to manage all forms easier as well as headings so am hoping we can simply change the names (Departments and Positions) to whatever suits the RPG, but since Ranks is integrated in and has to be set up even if we leave the name and short name blank, it'd be great for the feature/option to not be mandatory.

For example, neither of the games I manage use ranks at all, but I still have to set something up with an image or it looks really funky. :D

It's not a huge deal nor will it keep me from loving and using Nova. More curious than anything.
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AgentPhoenix Mon Feb 20, 2017 12:59 pm

Re: [Question / Departments, Positions, Ranks

Still working through all of that. Manifests will be totally different, so you'll be able to build your manifest in such a way that doesn't include rank images.
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