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evshell18's Nova 1 MODs

A place to show off (and others to download) completed MODs. Note: support for MODs is handled by third parties, not Anodyne Productions.

evshell18 Fri Feb 03, 2012 5:47 pm

evshell18's Nova 1 MODs

This is just a preliminary list of everything I could think of that I have been adding to the Nova software recently to customize our site for our users who are more familiar with Forum RP.

I still have to go back and document all my code changes, make it conform to the accepted Nova MOD format, make sure each change works on a fresh Nova install, and then package up the code. Once I get a MOD complete, I will post another thread for the actual MOD and link to it from this list.

Mission Navigator
Issue: Navigation arrows were moving from posts in one story to posts in another. Users who were more comfortable in a Forum RP environment wanted to be able to read through a single story in order from one post to the next.
- Modifies the navigation links in a post to go to the Next or Previous post in a single mission rather than for the entire SIM
- Changes the arrow images for navigation to words: "Previous Post | Next Post" (users were having trouble finding the nav arrows)
- "Previous Post" is present and greyed out / non-linked on first post of the mission. Similarly with "Next Post" on the last post.

Department / Position Dropdown Separation
Issue: With many different Manifests and Departments, the Position list was very large and unwieldy.
- Adds a Department dropdown that is separate from the Positions dropdown
- Initial dropdown is Department (Positions is hidden)
- Department is sorted by Manifest and then Departments within that Manifest
- Selecting a Department makes the Position list visible and fills the dropdown with Positions within the selected Department

Rank Class / Ranks Dropdown Separation
Issue: With many different Rank Classes and Ranks, the Ranks list was very large and unwieldy.
- Adds a Rank Class "Image Dropdown". This dropdown contains an image of the Fleet Admiral rank image for each class with an associated name that you can apply to the rank class. This is a separate dropdown from the actual Ranks dropdown.
- Initial dropdown is Rank Class (Ranks is hidden)
- Selecting a Rank Class makes the Ranks list visible and fills the dropdown with Ranks within the selected class
Necessary Changes Before Posting the MOD:
- This adds a table for defining the Rank Class image to use and name of the Rank Class (and sort order). Need an admin screen to manage these settings (currently it was just added to the database and maintained there).
- Need to add Support for multiple Rank Classes in a single SIM.

Post Dates and Sorting
Issue: When viewing the list of posts within a mission, it had no information on when it was Posted and last Edited. Also users wanted to see the posts in the Control Panel that were edited most recently first.
- Adds a column for Posted / Edited to the list of posts in a mission.
- Sets the Date in the Control Panel list of posts to Edited (if it has one) or Posted if it wasn't edited. Sorts by that date, descending.
Planned Additions:
- Ascending / Descending toggle for the Date column
- Recent Posts (like in Control Panel) listed on the bottom of the main Missions page (for the general public who don't log in to see).

Exclusive Edits
Issue: Users editing Joint Posts at the same time could overwrite another user's submission. I.E. if User 1 and User 2 both open the post and edit it at the same time, and each add their own content, if User 1 saves his first, User 2 will overwrite User 1's edit.
- Determines who is editing a post based on a Javascript ping cycle and locks all other users out of the post while the user is editing it.
Necessary Changes Before Posting the MOD:
- Need to time out a user and disable the Post / Save buttons if the user sits on an Edit screen for an unusual amount of time.
- Time to ping server (currently 10 seconds) and Timeout time need to be configurable through the Admin Site Settings.

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AgentPhoenix Fri Feb 03, 2012 6:59 pm

Re: evshell18's Nova 1 MODs

Post locking is now a core feature in Nova 2.
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