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[MOD] IRC Log Editor

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mooeypoo Sat Jul 03, 2010 1:49 am

[MOD] IRC Log Editor

Hey hey,

My sim is an IRC sim, and sometimes the players prefer a quick back-and-forth sim on IRC (specially when involving a bigger group of simmers), and then posting it into Nova to send to the crew. That requires editing the raw log files - removing timestamps and nicknames, and <<comments>> and <d> lines, etc etc. This is tedious and annoying.

So, to deal with that, I created "LED - IRC Log Editor for Nova".



All you need to do is tell LED what timestamp format you use and what encompasses your nickname tags and the system does the rest automatically.

  • Choose your own formatting for nicknames and timestamps.
  • Available for the crew under the Writing Control Panel menu.
  • Automatically recognizes nicknames with op/voice/founder levels (~/@/+ etc).
  • Save individual settings with cookies!
  • Add your own custom tag to remove.
  • Entirely automatic!

It works fine with the logs it was fed so far, but if you run into logs that don't parse right, please post it here so I can fix.

You can get the extension here:
(click on 'Get Source' and pick the format you want to download, unzip/untargz and follow the readme instructions).


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