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Nova Genre File Generator

A place to show off (and others to download) completed MODs. Note: support for MODs is handled by third parties, not Anodyne Productions.

William Wed May 19, 2010 7:53 am

Nova Genre File Generator

[This guide is under construction]

If you are still running SMS and you are worried about having to re-create all of your Sims Ranks, Positions or Departments then the Nova Genre File Generator is for you. The NGFG reads your SMS database and puts it into the same formar as a Nova Genre File. Follow the simple steps to re-create your genre specific settings easily.

GETTING THE DATA - Getting the genre file compatable data from your SMS database

  • Download the Nova Genre File Generator from here
  • Extract and upload the Nova_GenreGen.php to the same server as your SMS Installation
  • Navigate to the Genre Generator ( )
  • Fill in the form with the information to connect to your SMS database, if you are unsure of this, ask your host or look in the SMS "./framework/variables.php" file in your SMS installtion
  • Once successfuly filled out the form will return your Genre Data, save this in a notepad file or any other file you wish

Creating the Genre File and Folders
  • Download and extract a copy of the Blank Nova default Installation from the Anodyne website here
  • Open the file ./application/assets/install/genres/blank_data.php
  • Go back to the SMS data we saved earlier. Copy and paste the data over the corrisponding sections of the blank_data.php
  • Save the blank_data.php as youe own genre's data file e.g. "harrypotter_data.php"
  • Go to "./application/assets/common and rename the folder "blank" to the name of your genre e.g. "harrypotter"
  • Open the file "./application/config/nova" and set the genre to the same as your choise e.g. "HARRYPOTTER"
  • Install Nova

Adding a Rank Set to your install
  • Find the rank set that you want to use with your genre, this could be one you have already or one you found on the internet.
  • Put those rank images in the folder called "./applicaiton/assets/common/mygenrename/ranks/default" (only the images not the folder itself should go in here, except sub-folders)
  • You dont need to do anything to install this rank set as it should have already been installed in the last step.


Click here to visit Demo

In the preview you can use the following details:

username: phoenix0_test1
password: test2
DB_name: phoenix0_ds84

Thanks to Mooeypoo for helping with some of the problems people had with the initial release while i was away.
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William Sat Jul 17, 2010 5:30 pm

Re: Nova Genre File Generator

I have update the main post with the relevant parts of a guide, I will update the guide as I get time.

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